Following in Faldo’s footsteps!

This is my new caddie!

When Nick Faldo hired Fanny Sunesson to be his caddie it raised a lot of eyebrows in many clubhouses around the golfing community. A woman caddie is not quite unheard of in men’s golf, but as the caddie for a professional member of the PGA, the decision was a little out of the norm. But then that is typical of Nick Faldo. As a duo they went on to win numerous tournaments around the world including 4 Masters titles. Caddying for Faldo has got to be one of the toughest jobs imaginable, he’s very demanding, a stickler for details and has been known to lose his cool on occasion. Fanny was able to keep him relaxed, and to dovetail into his quirky life style. Their partnership ended when she decided to quit to go to work with Sergio Garcia. Faldo rehired her after the Garcia episode ended, but they were unable to capture the old magic that disappeared from Faldo’s game as he aged. Fanny was a the recent Ryder Cup caddying for fellow Swede Henrik Stenson.
I’ve asked around and the general consensus of most golfers is that the caddies prime function is keep them relaxed…..I don’t anticipate a problem with my choice! They have also told me that the caddie does not have to be a good golfer,……mine qualifies here too! The caddie does need to have a general knowledge about club selection and size, and a familiarization with golf etiquette…..I know this is not a problem with mine!
If she ever asks me what those little pointed white wooden things are, I know she won’t believe me when I tell her it’s what I rest my balls on while I’m driving!….but then maybe she will.
I think it was the great Jack Nicklaus who said that golf was a game of inches, he of course was referring to putting. My caddie reiterated his comments with a few of her own on the same topic, so much so that I’m getting excited about playing again. When do we tee off?

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